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Undergraduate Admissions FAQs

Below are frequently asked questions about admissions to IU Journalism. This information is for new undergraduate students who matriculated Summer 2011 and afterward.

What are the admission requirements for IU Journalism?

  • 26 credit hours with a 2.20 grade point average (FX calculated as F, DX calculated as D)
  • Journalism J110, J200 or J210 with a C or better
  • English composition with a C or better or exemption
  • Mathematical Modeling, C- or better
  • One semester of a foreign language

When should I apply?

You should apply in the semester you will complete your admission requirements.  For example, if by the end of the semester you will have completed 26 credit hours, including Journalism J110, English composition, mathematical modeling and one semester of a foreign language, you should submit your application by the last day of classes in that semester. We process applications in May, August and December.  You must be admitted at least one semester prior to graduation.

May I complete my admission requirements during summer school for admission in fall semester?

Yes, but your summer courses must be on your IU transcript by the end of the IU summer sessions in  early August.  This is not a problem for students taking courses at other IU campuses, but may be if you take summer courses at another college or university.
The application form provides a space to let us know that you are taking summer courses to complete admission requirements.

How competitive is the admission process?

Admission is not competitive.  Our materials state that students will be considered for admission if they meet the minimum admission requirements.  So far we have been able to admit all students who meet the minimum admission requirements, but you should understand that we make no exceptions at all to the admission requirements.

Whom should I contact for additional information?

Contact Director of Undergraduate Advising Services Lauren Kinzer.

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