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In this section, you’ll find directions to apply to Indiana University and to IU Journalism, and information about scholarships and financial aid. You also can find out how to plan a visit to campus, so that you can see the campus and facilities for yourself.

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These websites are for all incoming IU students:

For high school students:

All high school students intending to attend IU should first apply to the Office of Admissions at Indiana University for regular admission. This site allows you to apply online.

Or, you may contact the Office of Admissions by mail or phone:
300 N. Jordan
Bloomington, IN, 47405
Phone: (812)855-0661
As a new student, you will be admitted to University Division. You may declare journalism as your major and begin work on the journalism degree in your first year.
High school students may be eligible for our Honors Program of Ernie Pyle Scholars.

For current IU students:

Usually, students officially are admitted to IU Journalism at the end of their freshman year.  The next deadline to apply for the program is Dec. 23, 2014.

These are the requirements:
  • Complete J 110, J200 or J210 with a grade of C or better
  • Complete English composition with a grade of C or better
  • Complete Mathematics Modeling, grade of C– or better.
  • Compete first semester of a foreign language (or proficiency)
  • Complete and pass at least 26 credits
  • Attain a grade point average of 2.20 or higher
If you qualify, apply using this online form. See the Academics section for more information about course requirements.

For transferring students:

IU Journalism accommodates all students who meet the admission requirements. Transfer students from another college or university must meet the 2.20 grade point average requirement in courses taken at Indiana University, but other admission requirements may be met with transfer course work.

For international students:

Refer to the Indiana University Office of Admissions International Students page for details on gaining admission.


Contact advising via email.
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