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Course Listing: 2008-2009 Summer I

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JOUR-J155 Research Techniques for Journalists
Description: (cr. 1)
A ten-week online course emphasizing basic research techniques used by media writers to gather information for news releases, newspaper articles, magazine pieces, and other forms of journalistic-style writing. Skills covered include researching Internet and non-Internet sources. Ideally this course is taken concurrently with J 200.
Categories: Core Courses
Instructor: Steven Higgs
JOUR-J200 Reporting, Writing and Editing I
Description: (cr. 3)
Prerequisite: ENG-W 131 or its equivalent with a grade of C or better.
Working seminar stressing the creation of journalistic stories for diverse audiences. Students will learn to develop story ideas, gather information, combine visual and verbal messages, and to write and edit news.
Categories: Core Courses
Instructor: Jason Martin
JOUR-J201 Reporting, Writing and Editing II
Description: (cr. 3) Requires a grade of C- or better in the following: J200 J155
Taught online through Oncourse Students will explore non-linear methods of storytelling and how Web-based tools can enhance their written work. In addition to building existing skills, they will use photography and embedded audio to create story packages for an online magazine.
Categories: Advanced Skills, Eight Weeks
Instructor: Rich Powell
JOUR-J210 Visual Communication
Description: (cr. 3)
Theories of visual communications including human perception, psychology of color, and principles of design. Application of those theories to photography, video, and graphic design in news communication.
Categories: Core Courses
Instructor: Jessica Birthisel
Instructor: Crista Chapman
Instructor: Others TBA
JOUR-J300 Communications Law
Description: (cr. 3)
Prerequisite: sophomore standing. History and philosophy of laws pertaining to free press and free speech. Censorship, libel, contempt, obscenity, right of privacy, copyright, government regulations, and business law affecting media operations. Stresses responsibilities and freedoms in a democratic communications system.
Categories: Core Courses
Instructor: Anthony Fargo
JOUR-J320 Principles of Creative Advertising
Description: (cr. 3)
This course is a prerequisite for all other Journalism advertising courses.Survey course about the field of advertising with a focus on its function as a means of communication. Learn how marketing, psychology, research, mass media, law and ethics are important to professionals working in the industry. Class will emphasize use of strategy to develop creative advertising.
Categories: Advertising, Journalism Electives
Instructor: Craig Wood
JOUR-J321 Principles of Public Relations
Description: (cr. 3)
This course is a prerequisite for all other journalism public relations courses.
Survey course about the theory and practice of public relations. Examines public relations' function within organizations, its impact on publics and its role in society. Topics include the evolution of the field, the range of roles and responsibilities that public relations practitioners assume in a variety of settings, ethics, and significant issues and trends that have shaped the practice. Course provides a foundation for more advanced study in the field. Also useful for those planning another professional or managerial career that requires an understanding of public relations concepts and management practices.
Categories: Journalism Electives, Public Relations
Instructor: Beth Wood
JOUR-J410 The Media as Social Institutions
Description: (cr. 3) Requires a grade of C- or better in the following: J300
Prerequisite: Senior standing. Examination of the functions and impact of the mass media in society with primary focus on the United States. Discussion of the values of media organizations and the professional and ethical values of journalists. Critical analysis of the relationship of the media and society and the effect of political, economic, and cultural factors on the operation of the media.
Categories: Core Courses
Instructor: Michael Evans
JOUR-J463 Graphic Design I
Description: (cr. 3) Requires a grade of C- or better in the following: J210
This graphic design course incorporates electronic photo editing, graphics, and page design. Students are instructed in design theory, computer publishing skills, and creative problem solving.
Categories: Advanced Skills, Graphic Design
Instructor: Jim Kelly
JOUR-J492 Media Internship
Description: (cr. 1-3)
Prerequisite: prior approval of internship coordinator; journalism majors only; graded course. Taught through Oncourse.
Supervised professional experience in communications media. May be repeated, but a student may take no more than 3 credit hours total of internship credit for the B.A.J. degree, either through journalism or any other academic unit.
Categories: Journalism Electives
Instructor: Owen V. Johnson
Instructor: Others TBA
JOUR-J493 Journalism: Off Campus Registration
Description: (cr. 0)
Prerequisite: consent of the School of Journalism undergraduate dean. This non-credit course is for journalism students studying off campus temporarily as part of the B.A.J. degree program.
Instructor: Bonnie Brownlee
Instructor: Others TBA
JOUR-J496 Foreign Study in Journalism
Description: (cr. 3-8)
Categories: Journalism Electives
Instructor: Owen V. Johnson
JOUR-J499 Honors Research in Journalism
Description: (cr. 1-3)
Prerequisite: consent of the School of Journalism dean. Opportunity for independent reading, research, and experimentation on relevant issues in mass communications. Work with faculty member on individual basis. (May take twice for a total of 4 credits. No more than 3 credits at one time.)
Categories: Special Schedule Activities
Instructor: Bonnie Brownlee
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