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Growing together

New farming practices introduced by AMPATH's Agricultural Extension gives Kenyan farmers an opportunity to make a profit and feed their families

By: Danielle Fleischman and Lauren Kastner
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About Danielle Fleischman

Danielle Fleischman delayed her graduation until August, when she’ll receive a bachelor’s degree in journalism, so she could join the class. She visited Greece, Spain, Italy and Israel while in college, but this was her first trip to the developing world.

Her reporting in Kenya focused on how innovative agricultural methods contribute to the self-sufficiency of people living with HIV. “As my education at Indiana University comes to a close, I cannot think of a better note to end on than learning how to make a difference where it matters most,” she said. “I didn’t just learn about Kenya, HIV/AIDS, cross cultural reporting, climate change or farming. I learned how to be a journalist.”

Her reporting partner was Job Mwaura.