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Details in the fabric.

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Jun 052010
Yesterday the Moi Students and Faculty hosted a dinner for us at the Moi University Guest House. It was a very nice occasion with dinner and speeches from the Dean and the Vice Chancellor of the university. The Vice Chancellor suggested we go to the Rivatex East African Limited textile factory. The textile factory is owned by Moi University. MU is the only university in Kenya to have their own factory.

We were able to tour the factory and see the whole process from the production of thread to cotton products. The factory was very big and very loud. It was interesting to watch the machine that produced the full piece of cotton. It wove hundreds of pieces of thread together and a sheet of cotton came out on the other side. From there, the cotton is bundled and stored. When an order comes in, then they put prints on the fabric. To put the prints on, they have a large machine with many ink-like rollers. The fabric moves through and the rollers needed go across.

After the tour, we went to the shop where they sold hundreds of their different styles and prints. The Moi dean met us there and bought each of us a piece of printed cloth as a gift. Because there were so many beautiful designs it was very difficult to choose. It seemed like there was every color and style of fabric possible.

A bin of thread that was spun at the Rivatex East Africa Limited Textile Factory in Eldoret. The thread was then taken and put on a machine that wove hundreds of spools together to form cotton sheets.