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What good is a hard-earned degree from a prestigious program if you can't land that great job you want?

At IU Journalism, helping students achieve their goals goes far beyond simply helping them choose and succeed in classes.  Career Services Director Marcia Debnam guides students through the maze of applying for internships and crafting a career path.

Working with advisers, professors and alumni, Debnam gathers job and internship listings from employers throughout the field of journalism. Students also have access to a special Web site to find and apply for jobs, and they may seek help in writing resumes, cover letters and survival tips for job interviews.

About 200 students each summer work as interns in positions that allow them to build portfolios and make contacts in the industry. Often, these internships lead to permanent jobs after graduation.

Graduates currently are working as TV anchors, reporters and editors in all media, Web publishers, online magazine developers, public relations directors and marketing executives, to list just a few careers.

And they all started out just like today's students: eager to learn and surrounded by faculty and staff eager to help them. 

Current students:


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