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IUTR forms to encourage involvement, networking

Thomas Miller | March 29, 2011
iutr callout meeting
Photo by Mike Conway
Junior Brianna Smith led part of the callout meeting for IU Television and Radio Club, which formed last week. Organizers hope to offer workshops and networking opportunities.
Students interested in broadcast journalism have a new option to kick start their careers.

During their call out meeting March 24, members of the newly-formed IU Television and Radio club talked about workshop ideas and ways to get involved with student media on campus.

Founding members A.D. Quig, Brianna Smith, Kevin Wang and Deanna Allbrittin said the focus is to establish a place for students interested in broadcast to network and hone their professional skills.

“People are majoring in broadcast journalism in the journalism school and they also are majoring in the telecomm school,” said junior Brianna Smith. “This is a way for the students who are majoring in either program to meet and discuss how we can be better journalists and how we can take the best from both programs.”

Smith said the club has faculty sponsors from both the school of journalism and the telecom department so that students can get different perspectives on the craft of broadcast journalism. Junior A.D. Quig said that she thought the club could help merge the two schools at a student level.

“A lot of big changes come from the bottom up,” Quig said. “If it starts with students, then that will send the message that students want this to happen.”

Quig, one of the news directors at WIUX student radio, said that she hoped IUTR spikes interest in radio broadcasting with students.

“I think there’s a lack of knowledge about radio news,” Quig said. “People assume radio means music.”

Both Smith and Quig have had experience working in student media organizations. The said IUTR will arrange tours of some of the on-campus media outlets and will sponsor workshops.

“We’re hoping for this semester to the end of the school year to get the club going and started so when fall hits, we have a game plan, have alumni ready to network, have a speaker series and be ready to get students engaged with the club,” Smith said.

After having worked at WIUS (now WIUX) as a student, assistant professor Mike Conway said the connections he made were vital to his career. He worked as a reporter, anchor and producer for 20 years before turning to academia.

“I worked with Indiana grads all through my career,” Conway said. “Some I knew as an undergrad, one or two, got me jobs. These people become your cohort when you’re out there working.”

Both Conway and the students behind IUTR said they were happy about the turn out. They said they hope to maintain student interest by engaging in activities instead of just having meetings.

Although the club is named IU Television and Radio, the student founders made it clear the club is about figuring out new and better ways to tell stories using audio and video.


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